Retouching old images

Aged and old photos can be problematic, they can deteriorate to a point of no return and be lost forever. Digitising old photographs is one way to save, share and store old photos for… well ever (as long as the technology still exists to view & reprint the scanned image). Below are 2 examples of what I can do for your old images.

When completed, old family photos can be shared easily through email or social media, and reprinted with multiple copies to give to loved ones (so everyone has a copy!).

Note how you focus on the people in the retouched image, not all the damage!

Photo from the 1950s prior to retouching.

Now you can focus on subject matter not all the damage!

Photo from 1895 prior to retouching.

Photo from 1895 after retouching, digital copy can be shared with family members easily.