Katherine’s Tropical Housing Precinct 1946–1956 by Kim Scott

Australian printed pur bound book, 150 copies ordered and delivered to Katherine in time for an exhibition. Book design & desktop publishing included cover design/photo colouring and retouching throughout, individual double page spread design, font choice + client changes and input. Result a really beautiful book. A great pleasure to work with the author Kim Scott. A review of her book can be found here.

From Frontier to Frontline by Norm Cramp

Produced in 2015 this hard bound book was very rewarding for me. To be given 100% creative control was appreciated. Although the subject matter was serious, I felt a sense of duty to do my utmost for this publication in honour of those who gave their service and lives in WWI. Being an ex-serviceman’s wife I felt the pain, and this pushed me to focus on the design for this publication. Whole pages have tinted photos of dirt for the page background, many images were deep etched and touched up, the whole book was crafted to give the reader a visual experience. A review can be found here.

Dr Tom Lewis said “I have just been given a copy of From Frontier to Frontline by Norm. I’ve just been looking through it. Excellent standard of production and looks like a very good book overall. Well done to you for wonderful DTP once more!”

Houses & Estate of Old Glamorgan, published by The Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society (GSBHS)

I am now the President of the GSBHS, but when this book started I was just a member of the Society and lucky enough to be involved with this project. The houses featured in this book are in and around Swansea on the east coast of Tasmania (where I live), and I have driven past all of these properties many times, and I know some of the people/family/history of these buildings. Being able to design a book around well written wording on the history and architectural features of these houses & estates gives a real understanding of the area. Once again full creative control was given and used wisely. The use of beautiful old images and maps was fantastic… I am very proud of this book (which I believe is now sold out and looking towards a reprint!).
Produced as a gatefold soft-cover (1000 copies) and boxed limited edition hardcover (100 copies).

Worth Fighting For by Norm Cramp

Another special book highlighting the plight of Territorians in all wars. A 40 page book about particular servicemen with photos, I wanted this to be a tribute to their service. The use of white space and fonts led me to a simple style. The cover is bold with a blend of images and one Indigenous Territorian deep etched photo with the NT flag as the focus. A very enjoyable book to design and desktop publish.

Indiaman by Elizabeth Rushbrook

Published in 2012 this hard bound (self-cover) book details a trip from Madras to London by my client in 1965. My client had taken photos which had been kept in the form of slides for many decades and these were digitised and lovingly touched up by photographer and specialist Ray Joyce. A special account of this very personal trip is now available for family members to read. A simple design format was adhered to and the end result showcases the story and images clearly. My client was enthralled with the result and gave me a signed copy in appreciation.

Path of Duty by Graeme Gibson

A huge hardcover tome of over 500 pages, printed in Tasmania and bound in Melbourne, Path of Duty is fantastic. The author Graeme Gibson had collated hundreds of images over many years and wrote this factual account of 16 Squadron SAAF. Printed in 2013 this massive book was crafted to exacting specifications, artwork had been commissioned for this book and when all items were ready Graeme contacted me to design and desktop publish. The end result is a testament to Graeme’s hard work and perfecting style. Many hand drawn maps were done in Adobe Illustrator for this book by me, a very enjoyable book to work on.

Without Precedent by Owen Zupp

Another hard bound book with dust-jacket this 350 odd page book was desktop published and designed by me, the cover was in the minds-eye of the author for many years and it was my job to make the design a reality. This author knew exactly what he wanted and it was my job to enact his wishes and produce the artwork in a timely way. A great job to work on (all via email and phone calls), I hope to work with Owen again some day as he was really good to work for.

Many books by Dr Tom Lewis OAM

Books designed and desktop published over many years for Dr Tom Lewis including;

  • A War at Home

  • By Derwent Divided

  • Honour Denied, Teddy Sheean A Tasmanian Hero

  • Darwin’s Submarine I-124

  • Submarine Six, Australian Naval Heroes

  • Zero Hour in Broome

  • Carrier Attack, Darwin 1942

Also produced with Editor, Dr Tom Lewis for 10 years, a quarterly magazine Headmark Magazine for the Australian Naval Institute.

She looks like Hermann Goering: Let’s call her Glenys–A Memoir by Glenys Rich

A hard bound book with dust-jacket, this book was designed and desktop published by me. We worked through phone calls and emails, the author supplying images to be scanned and word files of the text. After printing, Glenys sent me a copy with inscription “ For Di, Whose excellent artistic skills are exceeded only by her patience and tolerance, thank you so much, Glenys”. I am sure I don’t know what she meant by this as Glenys was a joy to work with!

Hurrah for the Next Man by Phil Davenport

The late Phil Davenport lived a fantastic long life and I was privileged to design and desktop publish his book Hurrah for the next Man–a personal account of his service-time during WWII. I was fortunate to meet Phil and he gave me a signed copy of his book. Please find a review of his book here.

The above are but a few, with many other books, too many to mention.